Design Implementation Professional Learning Community (Plc) To Improve The Performance Of Educators

  • Muhammad Mahfud STAI Al-Azhar Gresik
Keywords: Professional Learning Community, Collaborative action, golden triangel.


This research study focused on the design shape PLC held at Yayasan Darul Ihsan and its relation with the improved performance of educators. Implemntatif designs are applied in compliance with the five major elements PLC  (focus on learning, collaborative culture, collective inquiry into reseach, professional learning by doing, dan all member mutually accountable for targeted result). Implementasi PLC mengacu pada enam strategi yang telah dirancang yaitu reflective dialogue, de-privatization of practice, collective focus on student learning, collaboration, shared norms and values, and optimalisation of golden triangel. This last strategy becomes a different matter with the implementation of PLC in general. optimization of the golden triangle in question is do the synchronization between the three main elements, namely education actors educators, students, and parents. Synchronizing the form of collaborative engagement and cultivation of a sense of belonging between elements on the basis of trust and sincerity and monotheism