Study of Islamic Religious Education in Prospective Anthropology

  • Riza Ashari Doktoral pendidikan Agama Islam Universitas Muhammadiah Malang
  • Tobroni Tobroni Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Keywords: Islamic education, anthropology, culture


This paper aims to explain about Islamic education in an anthropological perspective. This paper needs to be raised  considering that anthropology is a science about humans, especially cultural anthropology that considers that humans are cultured beings. In this paper found similarities that  Islam and anthropology have similar views related to Islamic education. These similarities are seen in the similarity of views on human concepts. Human beings as beings who have potential or fitrah are equally recognized by anthropology and Islam. Similarly, in educational activities, between Islam and anthropology also have some subtantive similarities. Education should be adapted to the culture around. This is because in addition to anthropology wants such, it turns out that Islam also highly appreciates those who appreciate its culture, of course cultural culture that is not contrary to the principles of Islamic teachings. In the end, the anthropological view of Islamic education directs that every educational activity can not be separated from the cultural aspects that apply both in terms of educators, students, educational objectives, educational methods, and educational context / environment


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