Strategi Penanaman Nilai-Nilai Pendidikan Agama Islam Melalui Kegiatan Sosial Keagamaan

  • Sofyan Zamroni STAI Miftahul Ula Nganjuk
  • Zainal Arifin STAI Miftahul Ula Nganjuk
Keywords: Religious Education values, instilling Islamic Religious Education values


This study aims to determine (1) What Islamic Religious Education values are instilled in Nglawak (2) How is the strategy of instilling Islamic Religious Education values in Nglawak ? (3) What are the forms of social religious activities in Nglawak ? This research was conducted in Nglawak Village, Kertosono District on March 1, 2021 This research uses field research method with qualitative descriptive analysis technique. The research data collected is then analyzed using a qualitative approach that produces descriptive data in the form of written or spoken words from people and behaviors that can be observed. The data collection methods used are observation, documentation, interviews. This. The research subject is nglawak village community The results show that: Strategies for Cultivating Islamic Religious Education Values in Nglawak Hamlet include the Habituation method, a way that can be done to familiarize children to think, behave, act in accordance with Islamic teachings, Exemplary is a method by imitating this method can be achieved optimally if the community applies or applies it well and the Advice Method is a flexible method that can be used. Whenever and wherever everyone who sees the evil or violates the norms of customs of a group. Forms of Religious Social Activities in Nglawak Hamlet include the following Tahlilan and Yasinan, ndiba'iyah recitation and public recitation at the mosque.


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