Curriculum based on Islamic values

  • Riza Ashari Universitas Darussalam Gontor
Keywords: Curriculum, Education, Islam


The success of education does not depend on one of the components alone, but concerns all components that cannot be separated from one another, so that the main goal of such education can be achieved. Planning is the spirit of every scientific activity which is certainly carried out systematically and structured. Similarly, education requires a planned program that can lead the educational process to the desired goal. The process of implementation to assessment in education is better known as the curriculum. The curriculum component in education has an important role and position because it is the operationalization of the goals to which it aspires, even the goals will not be achieved without the involvement of the educational curriculum.  The frame of thought that underlies this research is that an integrated curriculum based on Islamic values is one of the efforts to balance general and religious education. So it is hoped that students will become integrated individuals who have general knowledge and religion that is appropriate and in harmony with the surrounding environment.


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