Education and Society in Emergencies: Rethinking and Replanning Pedagogy

  • Folasade Esther Jimola Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti
Keywords: COVID-19, emergencies, replanning, mitigation-contingency


Learning should not be stymied irrespective of any disruptions but was learning not hampered during this seismic shift occasioned by Coronavirus pandemic? The paper discusses i) the impact of COVID-19 on education; ii) the need to promote and meet the learning needs of students and teachers during emergencies iii) learning alternatives as mitigations in emergencies to meet learners’ needs; and iv) who should partake in the mitigation-contingency plan process. The study concluded that COVID-19 pandemic has provided opportunities not only to reconsider educational objectives and interrelatedness between education and society but also to rethink and replan the structure and workings of educational system for emergencies in the future.



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Jimola, F. (2022). Education and Society in Emergencies: Rethinking and Replanning Pedagogy. EDUCATIO : Journal of Education, 7(2), 65-71.