The creative use of Thinking Maps to embed Blooms' Taxonomy within teaching, learning and assessment

  • McGrath McGrath University of Colorado
  • Willcutt Willcutt University of Colorado
Keywords: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Barret’s Taxonomy, Thinking Maps, questioning, Information Processing Theory


In this paper, a methodology for utilizing 8 Thinking Maps that are linked to a cognitive taxonomy will be explored. Firstly, the various taxonomies focusing on cognitive processes will be elaborated upon, namely Bloom’s Taxonomy as well as Barret’s Taxonomy that is used in the education system. Following this, the paper will explore the questioning strategy which links questions to either taxonomy and how this strategy is currently employed in classrooms around the world. A section then follows elucidating upon the 8 Thinking Maps and what types of thought processes are associated with each map. From this, a methodology will be discussed which links the 8 thinking maps to verbs that are all associated to the previously mentioned taxonomies. Finally, an adaptive systematic methodology will be elaborated upon, which links to the information processing theory


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McGrath, M., & Willcutt, W. (2022). The creative use of Thinking Maps to embed Blooms’ Taxonomy within teaching, learning and assessment. EDUCATIO : Journal of Education, 6(4), 346-372.