Comparative Analysis of Mobile Applications for its Integration in College Mathematics Subjects

  • John Vincent Llenada` Santos HOLY CROSS COLLEGE, STA. ROSA, N.E., INC.
Keywords: Higher Education Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Math App, Problem Solving, Educational Technology


The purpose of this study is to investigate potential mobile applications that can be utilized to help college students learn mathematical ideas and principles. The considered mobile applications include those that have a solving feature and are named as follows: MalMath, MyScript Calculator, Photomath, iMathematics, Microsoft Math Solver, Mathway, Socratic, WolframAplha, and Cymath. These mobile applications were evaluated subjectively and statistically to identify which is/are the most suitable for utilization in a flexible learning environment, while also considering their benefits and drawbacks in the teaching-learning process. This study took into account various app features such as subject coverage, interface, accessibility, and so on, which will serve as the common criteria for evaluation. Each criterion was rated and ranked accordingly. The Related-Samples Friedman's Two-Way Analysis of Variance by Ranks, a nonparametric statistical test, was used to evaluate the rank-ordered data set of numerous mobile applications premised on a common criterion. In the case that there is a significant tendency for a math solving application/s to rank systematically higher or lower based on the results of Statistical test employed, Pairwise Comparisons was conducted. Following that, a comparative analysis was performed to get findings and recommendations for the prospective integration of mobile apps. Furthermore, this research will help with information distribution and creating awareness regarding the utilization of mobile applications in the teaching-learning process. The advantages and disadvantages of adopting mobile applications will help educators successfully facilitate the teaching-learning process. While the students will be encouraged to use the mobile application/s to enhance their mathematics literacy and problem-solving skills.


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