Android Based Learning Media Development on Basic Beauty Learning

  • Endah Dwi Tamara Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia
  • Hasan Maksum Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia
Keywords: instructional media, android, basic beauty, 4-D model, Aiken's formula, gain score


the learning media developed is a media that can help students in learning basic beauty. This study aims to produce valid, practical and effective learning media. The method used is Research and Development (R&D) with a 4-D development model (four D model). This study used an instrument in the form of a questionnaire. The questionnaires were divided into validation questionnaires, practicality questionnaires and effectiveness questionnaires. For data analysis, researchers used the Aiken and Gain Score formulas. In this study there are 3 validators, namely 2 material validators and 1 media validator. The results of the questionnaire analysis from the validator obtained an average value of 0.86 with a valid category. The practicality questionnaire was filled out by students and teachers who after being analyzed obtained an average score of 85.5% with a very practical category of practicality. For the effectiveness test based on the KKM, 85% of students get a score above the KKM, while in terms of the gain score, the result is 0.61, which means the learning media developed can be said to be effective. Based on these data, it can be concluded that the android-based learning media application for basic beauty subjects is valid, practical and effective to be used as a learning medium


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