Development of Learning Media Text Tutorials Video-Based Procedures Screencast O Matic

  • Nisaul Barokati Seliro Wangi Universitas Islam Darul ‘Ulum Lamongan
  • Markub Markub Universitas Islam Darul ‘Ulum Lamongan
Keywords: learning, media, screencast o matic, procedure text


This article aims to produce learning media in the formof video tutorials using  screencast o matic applications in      Indonesian subjects  text materials  of class VII procedures  MTS Darul  Ulum  Nglumber  Kepohbaru  Bojonegoro  This research includes  development research using   research and development (R&D) methods. Model  development used in this study is a procedural model that is a descriptive  fat-finned model that shows the steps that harus  followed  to  produce products in  the form of learning media. Data obtained through   observations  and  questionnaires  in the form of quantitative data and qualitative data.  This learning media development step    is  done by  analyzing  students' potential and problems, data collection, media design decay,   media creation, validation, trials, evaluations and  conclusions. Video  tutorials  developed to meet the criteria can be selected from  the results  of  filling  the questionnaire  by validators,also reviewed from the improvement of  cognitive  abilities of students before and after  using video tutorial learning  media.   Video tutorial media  can be used as a medium in self-learning for students, can be  shown from the results of filling in self-learning gket    by  students.


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