Education System In Pesantren Muhammad Saman

  • Salim Salim UIN Sumatera Utara
  • Fauzi Ridwan Pondok Pesantren Mahad Muhammad Saman
  • M. Khairul Nasri MIN 2 Kota Medan
  • Riduan Riduan YP.Nurul Khairiyah Pantai Labu
Keywords: System, Education, Islamic Boarding School, Pesantren


The progress of a nation is seen from the progress of its education system. If education is a developed country, then the human quality in it is advanced. Therefore education is the most important element in building a nation so that it can be interpreted that the quality of education is the determinant of the quality of a nation. One of the fundamental problems in the world of education is related to the morality of the younger generation. In order to improve the morality of the younger generation who are increasingly concerned today, the Pesantren Education Institute is one of the main choices for parents to educate children to prioritize religious values as the foundation of their children's education. Pesantren is considered as a typical Indonesian Educational Institution that has long existed Indonesia which is believed not only to print a generation of intelligent students but also noble character. With the system applied differently from other public schools, namely the boarding system. The number of students with various social and family economic backgrounds makes the condition of pesantren heterogeneous. Of course, the problems are also diverse, because there is a stereotype in pesantren students who are certainly noble. However, in fact the motives of parents to put children into pesantren not all start from good santri morality, but many students also have problems before and it is expected that pesantren can change the morality of the students


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