Effectiveness of Blended Learning Support: Perception of First Year Extended Program Students

  • Funmilola Kemi Megbowon University of Fort Hare
Keywords: Blended Learning; Blended Learning Support; Extended Program; Learning Experience


The era of absolute online learning has made blended learning support crucial for achieving academic success. This support is even more necessary for students who are considered academically disadvantaged and who are experiencing a diverse learning environment. Beyond providing support is the need to the effectiveness of blended learning supports that are being provided. Therefore, this study assesses the perception of students in the first year of the Extended Program of the impact of blended learning support with respect to technical support and instructor-led support (teacher support) on motivation for learning and learning satisfaction. This study which is based on the constructive and social support theory model employed qualitative research method and convenience sampling technique to obtain data using a semi-structured interview from a sample of twenty (20) first year Extended Program students in the Faculty of Management and Commerce to gain insight into students’ experiences with blended learning support. The data collected was analysed using thematic analysis. The results showed that most of the first-year students in the Extended Program found blended learning support effective in their learning experience. The respondents acknowledged that technical support has been effective in accessing digital content, supporting learning, thus promoting learning satisfaction, and simplifying communication with instructors. Moreover, instructor-led support in the form of timely feedback, monitoring, and intervention was perceived to promote improvement in their learning outcome. The results of this study provide valuable information on the efficacy of blended learning support and highlight the need for continued efforts to offer and optimise blended learning strategies and support in higher education.


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Megbowon, F. (2024). Effectiveness of Blended Learning Support: Perception of First Year Extended Program Students. EDUCATIO : Journal of Education, 8(4), 479-495. https://doi.org/10.29138/educatio.v8i4.1408