Metacognitive and Learning Style of College Students

Keywords: Metacognition, Learning style, Academic achievement, College Student


The role of metacognition and learning style in the educational process is paramount. Metacognition involves being cognizant of one's own thought processes and the strategies employed to tackle tasks. It fosters a greater level of attentiveness among students towards their actions and thought processes, as well as an awareness of how the skills acquired can be adapted to varying scenarios. This paper reports on a study investigating the students’ metacognition and learning style, which has been done on undergraduate college student of West Bengal. An established instrument on Metacognitive Awareness Inventory and Learning style is used for the purpose of this study. After collecting the data and analyzing them through SPSS 20, it was revealed that that the students have average metacognitive awareness and learning style. Study reveals that awareness of metacognition among the college students are not determined by their gender and locale. But metacognition awareness differ with their academic stream. This study also reveals that learning style of college students is same irrespective of their gender. But their learning style change with the student’s locale and their academic stream.


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Hossain, K., Patra, A., & Divyagunananda, S. (2023). Metacognitive and Learning Style of College Students. EDUCATIO : Journal of Education, 8(2), 111-124.