Dialetika Agama dan Filsafat Sepanjang Sejarah

  • Mahfud Mahfud STAI Hasan Jufri Bawean
Keywords: Battle of religion, and philosophy


This article talks about religion and philosophy in building human civilization. Religion and philosophy are the two great powers that always color the world from the beginning of history of appearance until now. Religion and philosophy has given many contibute to the development and progress of civilization, especially to the development of science. Human belief to religion as the primordial covenant between man and God gave form very sensitive to any religious adherents when it touched its chastity. Trust humans to philosophy as a primodial agreement between humans and God give extremely sensitive form for every adherents when the religion was touched its sacred. Trust humans to philosophy as a source of truth also has a value-sensitive, as well as religion if there are people who try to deny them. In his second trip occurred a great battle in legitimize the truth that be produced by both. Until finally the fight occurredl on the stage of the history of civilization. And fight from the beginning of appearance until now be able to give birth to science.

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