Pendidikan Ideal Menurut Ibnu Khaldun Dalam Muqaddimah

  • Muh. Barid Nizaruddin Wajdi STAI Miftahul Ula Nganjuk


The educational activity had been going on since the existence of human being in the world. But in our country educational philosophy vecently is in seeking the form which is suitable to demands of human being; where those are in change and development. as an intellectual Muslim, Ibnu Khaldun had proposed his view about the educational philosophy which according to writer, it must get serious attention. Ibnu Khaldun demanded that educational activity is not only a consideration which is far from pragmatic aspect of life, but it's also a form of indication that burn from society form and it's development on the cultural segment. Therefore, he saw that the orientation of education is society. Because educational forms a continued process endless the human being are conscious that they catch, absorb, and experience with the full world pheno-menafor a long time. According to Ibnu Khaldun, knowledge is in a form of natural human being. Therefore, important angle of Ibnu Khaldun on educational objective is to prepare a person with his religion, ethic, social, work, idea and art.

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