Enhancing Pre-Service Teacher's Creativity Through “Youtube” Project Based Learning

  • Hesty Puspita Sari universitas islam balitar
  • Nurma Atalsa Sofansyah Universitas Islam Balitar
  • Rocky Harisman Saputra Universitas Islam Balitar
Keywords: Pre-service teacher, YouTube, project-based learning


A lot of learning is focused on various aspects of the learning process. The actual process of learning still involves lecturers imparting knowledge directly to pupils. In reality, kids will learn more effectively if they are engaged in worthwhile learning activities. One of the alternative teaching methods that engage students in worthwhile learning is "YouTube" project-based learning. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of project-based learning on "YouTube" on student creativity in the field of "Teaching English for Young Learners." Project observation and interviewing are the data collection methods used. The pre-service teachers of Balitar Islamic University in the second semester of 2019–2020 made up the population of this study. 20 students from the second-semester class. The information was gathered through the Product Creativity Analysis Matrix. This analysis is considered the three types of creativity of resolution, elaboration, and innovation. The study's findings suggested that project-based learning on "YouTube" could aid pre-service teachers in developing their creative faculties


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Sari, H., Sofansyah, N., & Saputra, R. (2022). Enhancing Pre-Service Teacher’s Creativity Through “Youtube” Project Based Learning. EDUCATIO : Journal of Education, 7(2), 79-91. https://doi.org/10.29138/educatio.v7i2.795