Build "Smart Village" Through The Implementation Of Non-Formal Education In Enhancing The Language Proficiency Of The Village Geluran In The United Kingdom Children's Sidoarjo "

  • Ani Faujah STAI An Najah Inodesia Mandiri Sidoarjo
Keywords: The Non-Formal Education; English course


The role of the learning education is an undertaking in the process of educating the nation participated as a real work in the form of donations of educational development (UU No. 20 tahun 2003). Education has a very important function in developing the relationship between education and the realities of life steady and meaningful in the life of society, whereas the fundamental role of education for humanizing. Education organized by course institutions can contribute to the nation's education as aof non-formal education (UU 13 ayat 1 No. 20 tahun 2003). Non-formal education can play a role as a complement (complement) to formal education, non-formal education that is able to present subjects or learning activities that have not been included in the formal education curriculum. Implementation of English is an attempt to teach learners in mastering the English (Degeng, 1990). This implies that in learning English have opted activities, define, and develop methods or strategies are optimal to achieve the desired results. English speaking skills require knowledge of spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and culture (Bowen et al, 1985, Finocchiaro & Bonomo, 1973). The an English course is to meet the needs of learners in mastering the knowledge and skills of the English so as to answer and respond to the user's environment services (Krakower, 1985). This research concerns the role of English course in the development of public education Geluran Taman Sidoarjo. This study took place in in SMART EDUCATION  course in  Geluran Taman Sidoarjo, which is an English course that has characteristics that attract.The focus of this research are: (1) The  community  in Geluran village (2) Motivation learners attend courses SMART EDUCATION.

Author Biography

Ani Faujah, STAI An Najah Inodesia Mandiri Sidoarjo