The Use Of Bahasa Indonesian By Student In Presentation

  • Lilis Rahmawati STAI Mifahul Ula Kertosono Nganjuk


This research aims to describe the use of Indonesian by students in their presentations. The study used the qualitative descriptive method. The results showed that the language used by students in their presentations was not completely used standard Indonesian. It was demonstrated nonstandard Indonesian use in phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Nonstandard Indonesian uses in phonology were (1) omission, addition, and substitution phonemes; (2) The spelling letters in abbreviation and acronyms. Nonstandard Indonesian use  in morphology were (1) voiceless consonants that are not eliminated in the process of nasalization, (2) the substitution of affix -nya to affix -kan, (3) the use of word forms with false analogy, and (4) the use of passive forms was not in accordance with the persona. Nonstandard  Indonesian use  in syntax were (1) the omission of Subject (S), Predicate (P), S and P, and (2) the use of the S and P was double. Nonstandard  Indonesian uses in semantic were (1) addition of inappropriate words and phrases, (2) substitution of prepositions, conjunctions, klitik, standard words with the conversation words or local language. The main problem of nonstandard Indonesian use in the presentation was because of the competence and performance of the speaker. The solution for the use of nonstandard Indonesian can be done by making the oral discourse in the presentation as a learning material, either integrated with Speaking subject or synergized with linguistics subjects such as Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics.



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